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Please note: the resources available below are not a formal course offering. There are no assignments, exams or certification available with the resources – these are provided by universities and colleges using the resources. For an individual user, the resources are intended as a reference only, rather than as a full course. 

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Virtual Refractor

Virtual Refractor simulates distance and near subjective refractions using a refractor head on virtual patients. Access to the Virtual Refractor is currently free in view of the challenges to optometry education posed by COVID19.

Optometry Resources

The Global Optometry Resources is a suite of open educational resources that aim to facilitate the implementation, delivery and advancement of optometric education. The resources are available in English, Spanish, Vietnamese, French and Portuguese.

Grading Scales

The Grading Scales are a quick reference to the key signs and symptoms associated with contact lens related inflammation and infection. Also available in US Letter size.

Refractive Error Manual

The Refractive Error Manual that takes students and teachers through refraction training in an uncomplicated way. Click these links to download in Spanish, French and Portuguese.

Primary Eye Care Manual

The Primary Eye Care Manual aims to provide the knowledge and practical skills required to conduct a primary eye care examination and treat or refer as appropriate. Also available in Portuguese.

Basic Refraction for Ophthalmologists

The Basic Refraction for Ophthalmologists Manual takes ophthalmologists and residents through refraction education in a clear, simple, and logical process.

Social Responsibility

The Social Responsibility presentation aims to provide an outline of four cross cutting issues that have relevance in development strategies: gender equity, disability inclusiveness, child protection and environmental protection.

Vision Centre Toolkit and Manual

The Vision Centre Toolkit includes both a manual and toolkit that includes practical tools, examples and processes to assist with the establishment and management of the operations of a vision centre.

School Eye Health Guidelines

The Standard School Eye Health Guidelines for Middle and Low-income Countries is a tool to provide direction to those planning and implementing eye health initiatives in schools.

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